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Doors and windows are one of the most important parts of your homes & businesses. The right customized doors and windows with top-quality glass will ensure the safety & protection of your home from many things. May it be an intruder or the harsh elements of nature such as the scorching heat of sunlight or windy airs of thunderstorms, fixtures (like windows and doors) properly glazed with the perfect quality glass will ensure your premises remain well secured. Are you searching for the best windows/door glazing options? Look no further than NY Glazing, your premium glass company in NYC for all glass needs.
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What is Window Glazing?

Window glazing is the process of installing the glass in the window frame. This is usually done by a professional who has the proper tools and equipment. The frame can be made of wood, metal, or plastic. Many different types of glass can be used for windows, such as clear glass, tinted glass, stained glass, etc. The glass is held in place by the frame and sealed with a sealant. This helps to keep the glass in place and prevents it from leaking.

Different Types of Window Glazing

Single Glazing

Single glazing is made up of a single layer of glass. The thickness of the glass varies from 3/32” to 9/16”. For a long time, this glazing type was considered the only best solution for residential & commercial buildings. However, with global warming taking its toll and the rising need for an energy-efficient environment, single glazing glass types became uncommon. They offer the lowest thermal protection of grade R-1 insulation value. On the bright side, single glazing is the most economical option.

Double Glazing

As the name suggests, double glazing is composed of two panes of 3/32” to 9/16” glass. They offer better thermal insulation &, at the same time, offer better noise reduction. These window types can last from 15 to up to 30 years if proper maintenance is entertained. The double glazed windows can effectively retain heat & can keep the cold away from your premises or vice versa depending on your type of environment. You can also save energy, and these glass glazings leave a relatively smaller carbon footprint than others.

Triple Glazing

Many urban houses in the NYC sector now contain triple glazing. Triple window glazing uses three sheets or panels of 3/32” to 9/16” glasses to provide better thermal efficiency. It provides all the similar functions as a double glazing window would but in a more effective manner. Triple glazing windows are the best option for those concerned about the environment and energy efficiency. These window glazings can incredibly reduce noise reduction to a considerable extent.

Different Types of Glass Used in Window Glazing

tempered glass

Float Glass

Float glass is a special type of glass where a molten form of the glass is turned into large flat glass panels. The process requires the floating of the molten glass on a tin panel. These glass types are easily modifiable by a glass company to fit your exact requirements. Float glass forms smooth and thin glass panels which are effective for different custom glass windows and custom glass doors.

obscured glass

Obscured Glass

Obscured glass offers light transmission but ensures maximum privacy by having a texture or frostiness effect on the surface. Obscurity in such glass types is achieved through a complicated process of acid-etching, frosting, or coating the surface. A person might see through the glass but nothing more than vague shadows of the people and things on the other side.

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Tinted Glass

Any glass type which has a color added to it falls into the tinted glass category. The normal color types used in NYC homes and buildings are bronze, green, grey, and blue. Not only are they great for adding design & aesthetic value to your home and businesses, but the tint also reduces the sunlight from entering your premises. The tinted glass also has heat-absorbing effects and reduces the sun glare.

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Safety Laminated Glass

A special glass type that holds together even when it shatters. The layers of glass material are bonded so that it holds the glass together when it succumbs to high-stresses. The extra strength & durability of such glass comes from two or more panes being fused, creating a security-enhanced surface of the panel.

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Annealed Glass

Annealed glass is formed when floating glass is heated above a certain temperature and cooled down to a point without being quenched. The process of creating such glass is slow and meticulous. Annealed glass can break into shards and bits when subjected to stress, and therefore, many building codes restrict the use of annealed glass for homes & businesses in NYC.

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Tempered Glass

Tempered glass is basically annealed glass but with a higher strength coefficient. They are more likely 4 to 6 times more strength induced than normal glass. Tempered glass types are created by the heating glass up to 1200 degrees and quickly cooled down to normal temperatures. The method tests the durability of the glass and ensures if it’s workable for places with glass requirements at higher altitudes.

reflective glass

Mirrored or Reflective Glass

In the mirrored or reflective glass, the panel gains a metal coating on one of the sides. It is then sealed with a protective sealant. It does not absorb heat or radiation but merely reflects it just as a mirror would. You get reduced light transmission. The glass is abundantly used in decorative capacity than utilitarian.

What are the Advantages of Window Glazing?

Glass glazing done by a professional glass company can add the perfect insulation to your premises. The right glass ensures the absorption of natural heat, making your place perfectly warm during winter. During the summer season, they keep homes & other premises well insulated. Some of the benefits of having window glazing done by a professional glass company are:
Glass Window Glazing

Get Quality Glass Glazing in NYC by Premium NY Glass Company

Are you searching for a professional glass glazing company in NYC to install top-quality glass for window glazing? Our glass company can make sure to create your home & businesses attractive, secure & environment-friendly all at the same time. Call us now to add the perfect glass window glazings now.

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