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Create Inspiring Interiors with Glass Partitions nyc

Now add clean sightlines and create an elegant feel at your homes with NY Glazing Group. We provide complete glass wall/glass partition solutions to bring out the perfect allure within your residential premises. Our installed glass partitions/glass walls will allow natural lights to flow easily. Whether you want a fixed glass wall partition or a retractable (moving) one for your residential premises, our glass wall installers can provide you with the best alternative for permanent walls or standard partitions.

Want to give your homes a unique decor, so it stands out from the rest of the residential premises? Contact our glazing experts for glass wall partitions in New York City.

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Interior Glass Partition Walls for Homes

Several essential questions come to mind when you’re choosing residential glass partition walls in NYC. For instance, what type of glass material would work best for your residence? Should you opt-in for a smart glass that transmits light differently or goes for a traditional style. Whether you want your glass dividers to be transparent or translucent, our professionals at NY Glazing Group can custom-create glass partitions and glass conference rooms that will turn out best for your premises.

Let’s install the right type of glass partitions in New York City at your premises as per your preferences. Hire our glass & mirror shop for the best quality glass partitions!

Different Glass Types for Glass Walls & Partitions


Tempered Glass

Tempered glass of 10mm - 12mm is one of the most popular glass options for wall partitions. Tempered glass offers high strength and increased durability against strong impact. The glass type doesn’t inflict any fatal damage as it breaks into smaller pieces at obtuse angles. 10 mm - 12 mm tempered glass is a more economical option compared to 15 mm - 19 mm tempered glasses.


Tinted Glass

Infused with a separate ink color and heat treated, the glass adopts a tinted feature which gives offices a subtle feel. Tinted glass is available in multiple color options. Heat treatment ensures adding the perfect durability and to finish it off, we ensure the glass walls & partition becomes scratch-free & acid resistant. You can have multiple patterns designed as per your liking.


Laminated Safety Glass

Laminated Safety glass is a specific glass type which ensures the glass stays in place just in case if it succumbs to any external impact. The glass shatters but remains within frame rather than spreading in different directions. These glass types also offer great soundproofing. They are also available in multiple colors and different designs which makes them great for offices.


Frosted Glass

Want a bit of privacy in your conference rooms and meeting rooms? Frosted glass can be your best option. We provide frosted and semi-frosted glass walls & partitions for commercial and residential setups. Frosted effect on glass is normally achieved by sandblasting the glass or acid-etching the glass. We can also create multiple patterns on frosted glass as per your preferences.

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What are the Benefits of Adding Glass Wall Partitions?

Natural Lights

When you hire our professional teams for glass installation, you get one of the best technical experts in all of NYC. Our glass installation and glazing experts in NYC have ample experience and sound technical knowledge in assembling glass for your premises. We know what type of glass solution can work best for which areas of your home & businesses.

Modern Appearance

People find glass partitions worthwhile & appealing because of their high demand & aesthetic value. If you want to give your homes a modern appeal, then NY Glazing can offer you the right type of glass partition, which will work wonders for your residential premises' overall look & feel.


We all want to get the best value out of our money. We all want to save money wherever it's necessary. Do you want to save up on your construction money and make due investments in a more effective solution? Getting glass walls/glass partitions is one of the best options for you.

Easy to Maintain

Unlike brick walls and other wall types, glass walls/glass partitions are easy to clean & maintain. All it takes is a cleaning solution and a microfiber cloth to make sure your glass wall/glass partition is clear from every dirt particle for good. They also create a noise-free environment.

Types of Glass Doors Used in glass partitions

No glass partition is complete with a complimenting glass door. The most common door types for glass partitions/glass dividers/glass office walls are swing glass doors, pivot, or hinge glass doors. Based on your request, your NY Glazing Group can also make the door type laminated or use tempered glass to ensure its maximum safety. You can opt-in for a single glass door or double glass doors as per your requirement. It’s up to you whether you want a large entrance with a spectacular view or you want a small decent one.

At NY Glazing Group, we provide plenty of customizing options for wall partitions with glass in NYC.

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