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Glass Door Storefront in NYC

The right storefront makes your commercial place more appealing and inviting for visitors. It gives a welcoming gesture to passers-by and lets them take a sneak peek in your wares to pique their interest.

When it comes to storefronts, there’s no one-size-fits-all. Just like glass entrance doors and normal wooden doors, storefronts are also available in a variety of different shapes, types and sizes. At our modern glass company in New York, we can offer them all.

With the rising threat of vandalism and break-ins comes the increased demand for making sure your store remains safe & secure. Storefronts are the entry points and yet, they are the most common ways through which a burglar may choose to make a break-in attempt. However, the right storefront glass design will help you prevent such incidents.

NY Glazing Group can provide you with the right commercial glass storefront doors in NYC.


Custom Glass Storefront Installation

Do you like something of interest? We provide custom storefront glass replacement in New York City. Every project is different, but some require less extensive work compared to others. Does your property have specific requirements? If your property has special needs, then our storefront service can provide you with glass door types that can fit your exact requirements. We can size the glass & shape it perfectly to your requirements. Let us design a glass storefront door in NYC to keep turbulent weather and all intruders at bay.

Types of Commercial Storefront Glass Door


single Pane Storefront Door

As the name suggests, a single pane storefront glass door contains only a single pane which is of ¼” in thickness. The glass type used in can be annealed, tempered or laminated as per the customer’s requirement. The tempered glass works best for locations which are open to harsh weather conditions. Glass tints in different colors are available may it be a single or dual pane.
glass door entrance

Dual Pane
Storefront Doors

Dual pane doors have an inch of thickness and the ones used in commercial storefronts is comparatively larger in width as a single pane storefront. Such glass storefront doors are made up of two ¼” single pane glass or ½” single pane glass. While commercial dual pane storefront doors are an inch in thickness, the residential storefront doors are normally ½” to ¾” in thickness.

Commercial Front Glass Door Material Types


Transparent Glass

One of the traditional glass types for storefront available in the market are transparent glass. For a good many reasons, it is one of the most sought-after glass types among glass contractors because it offers high transparency. Since it allows passers-by to take a look inside the store, business owners find it a great glass type for storefront doors so it can easily highlight their wares.


Tinted or Coated Glass

Tinted or coated glass offers a limited transparency and maintains your retail store privacy effectively. Low e-coated glass is made by applying a special coat to the finished glass sheets where the process is called sputter coating. Small amounts of metal oxides are added to the float or rolled glass composition to create the tint effect. Stores needing less UV exposure can use such glass.


Insulated Glass

Insulated glass consists of two or more sheets of glass separated through a thin film of vacuum. These glass types come in dual-pane, gas-filled, or heat-treated glass which prevents heat transfer from the outside environment. Insulated Glass units can last up to 12 years based on the material quality of glass, size of the gap between the panes, workmanship, location, and installation service.


Safety Glass

Safety glass is a special type of glass which can handle brute force attacks. The common type of safety glass includes toughened glass (also called the tempered glass), laminated glass & wire mesh glass (also called wired glass). Our safety glass is Grade A and bubble-free glass types. They have a life value as long as up to 10 years and the glass does not delaminate for a long time.


Frosted Glass

Frosted glass is prepared by sandblasting or acid etching on a clear sheet of glass. This type of glass allows the natural light to enter your premises but at the same time maintains your privacy. The glass filters out the harshness of the sun and let's natural light easily flow into your retail space. It also adds privacy using the frosting effect which blurs out the details on the other side of the panel.

Custom Glass
DOOR Storefronts in nyc

Is your storefront in need of certain modifications? Do you feel that the glass on your storefront has become old & worn out? If it’s failing to provide enough privacy or failing to meet your security requirements then our commercial glass door installation experts can replace your storefront glass with any of the above discussed glass types. We provide complete glass repair service to make your storefront fashionably appealing for passersby. When the glass on your storefront appears non-repairable, we come provide new commercial glass entry doors in New York City.

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