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Exterior Glass Door Installation in NY

Exterior doors are an integral part of your home’s entrance. The right glass door type brings the perfect aesthetic appeal for your homes. Do right, these doors can easily last for a lifetime or an extended period. Are you searching for the best exterior door for your residential or commercial premises? NY Glazing can provide you with the right options.
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Different Glass Types for Home Exterior Glass Doors

Float Glass

When molten glass is shaped into large flat panels, the process is called floating of glass. The name comes from how users float molten glass across a tin surface and spread it evenly so it appears in the shape of a thin glass panel. Once the panel is formed, the glass is cut, treated and upgraded to easily set into a frame. The float glass is an affordable & colorless glass used for windows, glass doors & panels.

Safety Laminated Glass

Safety laminated glass is formed by fusing two panes around within an inner layer of polyvinyl butyral (PVB). The fusion process takes place in a highly heated environment where super-strong panels come together. If you want the glass to stay in the frame once it breaks, safety laminated glass can fulfill the purpose effectively. Laminated glass types are commonly found in vehicle’s windshields, glass doors, etc.

Obscured Glass

Obscured glass are specific glass types which allow natural lighting to enter into your premises but do not allow outsiders or people on the other side of the door to see what’s happening on the inside. The glass type is normally used in exterior door design where security of the premises is at the core. They are available in frosted, etched & coated designs. They are popularly used in bathroom windows, glass doors, entry doors, etc.

Annealed Glass

Annealed glass is formed by the slow process of cooling down a panel to add more strength and durability in its frame structure. Unlike safety glass, annealed glass does not remain in its frame when it succumbs failure. Instead, the glass breaks into shards and large pieces. On the brightside, the glass does have some major benefits such as affordability, versatility, flexibility & a variety of styles & designs. Annealed glass is the common type of glass used in exterior doors for different commercial settings.

Tinted Glass

Glass types which have a certain color added to it falls in the tinted glass category. People normally opt-in for a tinted glass option because of a number of reasons. Some people like privacy, others prefer reduction in heat transmission from strong sunlight UV rays. Tinted glass is commonly found on vehicle windows, skylights and decorative pieces. But their application is now becoming common for exterior glass doors as well.

Tempered Glass

Tempered glass is a by-product of annealed glass heat treated to maximum durability and strength. In tempering, the door is heat treated at 1200 degrees and quickly cooled down and then constantly baked at 550 degrees. During the heating process, the glass stability is checked constantly. If the glass does not break, it is certified as a properly tempered glass and then used for exterior glass doors accordingly.

Different Home Exterior Glass Door Designs



The glass is enclosed within a complete wood based, steel based, or other material type frame. Choose the right type of glass & at NY Glazing, we can put together a framed glass door as you desire.



Partially framed, the glass door has a glass type enclosed within a partial wood based, steel based or other frame type. Frame normally encloses top/bottom or the sides of the panel.



Completely frameless glass doors purely made up of your specific glass requirement. These glass doors are attached using high quality hinges and robust hardware to keep the door sturdy.

Customize Your Exterior Glass Door Your Way!

Let us know what you have in mind? We can custom create the perfect exterior glass door for your home & offices. Our professional glass door experts can create the perfect glass doors for you.

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