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Modernize Your Structure with Glass Curtain Wall

Discovering Glass Curtain Walls in NYC – OFFERING Light and Protection

A glass curtain wall system, also known as a glass facade, is a non-structural outer covering used to protect against the weather while allowing natural light inside. Its main advantage is the use of lightweight glass to reduce construction costs. Additionally, using glass walls allows natural light to deeply penetrate buildings, saving on artificial lighting costs.

Typically, these systems use a lightweight aluminum frame to hold glass panels in place. Curtain wall systems, introduced in the 19th century, gained popularity in the 20th century with the modernist movement. Contact our glass company for glass curtain wall systems in NYC.

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Efficient & Functional Glass Wall Curtains in NYC

The windows feature advanced thermal insulation systems designed to cut down on CO2 emissions and lower energy usage. Utilizing insulating materials, they offer spaces that are both opaque and transparent, enhancing efficiency. 

A lot of people might not realize that curtain wall systems come with acoustic insulation. This is to keep the balance between the pressure of the outside and inside environments. Those big structural parts, like concrete and masonry, actually have pretty high acoustic insulation. 

The glass curtain wall systems comprise the following important elements: 

  •  Transom 
  •  Mullions 
  •  Vision Glass 
  • Anchor 

Glass curtains are basically hung from the top of the building and get some extra support from edge beams on every floor. The company makes sure to use really strong structural beams to keep any big deflections from happening. What many people might not realize is that vertical deflections can totally wreck a building’s curtain system. If there’s enough deflection, it can cause the glass to pop out of its frame. 

If you want to install glass curtain wall in NYC, call our residential glass installation experts today.

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NY Glazing is at the top of its game in the glass curtain wall in New York City boasting over 25 years of experience and know-how. Our crew is all about delivering top-notch and creative solutions for any building project you’ve got. Here’s why picking us for your next project is a smart move: 

When it comes to curtain wall glazing in NYC, our glass fabricators know how to install custom curtain wall systems to meet your requirements.

Types of Glass for Curtain Wall Systems

Different types of glass are used for curtain glazing in NYC, depending on the specific needs and requirements of the building. Some common types include: 

Give your building a modern look with curtain glazing in NYC. It’s a stylish way to improve looks and energy efficiency all at once. Contact our curtain wall fabricators today!

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Need Durable Curtain Wall Glazing in NYC?

We’re proud to be a top manufacturer and installer of glass for curtain walls in NYC and the tri-state area, offering our valued clients excellent repair and maintenance services. For a free estimate, just call us or fill out our form. Our curtain wall fabricators will help you select the perfect curtain glazing for your building. 

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