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The Growing Trend of Glass Floors IN NYC

Glass floor panels is really making a splash in modern architecture. It’s crafted from two or more layers of heat-treated glass, giving you an awesome view of whatever’s above or below. You’ll see it a lot at tourist spots, but glass floors are also stepping into residential and commercial buildings. They’re totally safe for busy foot traffic and can even stand up to earthquakes. Plus, you can get them in crystal clear, frosted, or sandblasted glass to tweak how see-through they are. 

Looking to install a glass flooring system in your NYC home? Contact our glass company today!

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Understanding Two Types of Glass Floors

For those looking to enhance the interior design of their New York home or Manhattan office, a wide selection of prefabricated glass floors in NYC, as well as bespoke glass floor options, are available. There are two main categories of these floors to choose from: 

  1. Floors that open 
  1. Fixed glass floors 

A glass floor that opens, or an opening floor, is way more versatile than a fixed one. You can use it indoors or outdoors – really, it’s all up to your imagination. 

A fixed glass floor brings in more light, giving you more freedom in your architecture and interior design choices. In New York City, you can get these floors, whether obscured or clear, installed outside or inside, either smooth or with a non-slip surface. 

Whether you prefer one or the other, we are here to deliver what suits your needs and budget. For glass floor systems in New York City, contact us today!

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Benefits of Glass Floors in Domestic & Commercial Installations

Whether you’re installing a glass floor in your home or office, there are several benefits to consider: 

Innovative Uses of Glass Floors for Your New York Property

Aside from the traditional use of glass flooring as a way to add natural light and enhance aesthetics, there are some innovative ways that this unique material is being used in architecture and design: 

Ready to brighten your space? Choose NY Glazing for custom glass floor systems in NYC.

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At NY Glazing, we specialize in designing and glass floor installation in NYC. Our experienced team is ready to bring your vision to life using top-quality materials and expert craftsmanship. Contact our residential glass experts for a free estimate.

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