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Create the perfect illusion of space in your rooms with custom mirrors in NYC. Let natural light flow into your homes and give it an exuberantly refreshing look & appeal. Whether you’re a gym enthusiast or you want one as a part of your home decor, NY Glazing Group can provide you with custom mirrors of all types.

We offer a wide range of custom mirrors ranging from home-gym mirrors to antique ones. Our custom mirrors are available in a variety of decorative styles. We also add custom mirrors to cabinets, wardrobes, closet areas, bathroom shelves, dividers, and many other furniture types. Now get customized mirror solutions designed perfectly to match your home aesthetic requirements only at our glass and mirror store in New York City.

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Get Custom Mirrors in Different Sizes

We provide custom mirrors of various shapes and sizes to meet our customer’s preference accordingly. Whether you want to create a small dance studio, a gym or want custom mirrors for your closet doors, we can create and install just the right custom mirror for you. Our mirror installation & glazing experts have ample experience in creating custom mirrors in NYC. Not only do we make them to perfection, but we can quickly install them at your premises so it can offer your home the best aesthetic appeal.

NY Glazing Group specializes in a variety of different high-quality custom cut mirrors and speciality glass.

  • Vanity Mirrors
  • Beveled Mirrors
  • Back Painted Glass
  • Accent Mirrors
  • Specialty Glasses
  • Antique Mirrors
  • Studio & Home Gym Mirror

Different Types of Edging for Your Custom Mirrors

There are several edge types of custom mirrors. A few of them are discussed below:


Flat Polish Edge

In flat polished edge, the glass is run through a machine with several polishing wheels. These wheels have different grits which continuously keeps refining the glass edges until a finer finish starts appearing on the very edge. After the fine polishing of the edges, the glass is then passed through two wheels angled at 45 degrees creating the perfect top and bottom arris giving an ultimate finishing. The flat polished edging is commonly found on glass mirrors with a thickness range from ¼” to ¾”.


Beveled Polish Edge

Beveled polish edges are found on both glass tops and mirrors irrespective of whether they are in-frame or frameless. The edges are cut and sharpened up at a specific angle leaving a beveled width. In the making of such mirrors, the glass mirror is initially transferred into a beveling machine where it is passed through a number of wheels ranging in different grits. As the mirror passes through the wheels, the ¼” to ¾” gets refined edges. The beveled part is later coated with cerium oxide.


Seamed Edge

In seamed edge mirrors, the finely cut upper and lower edges of the mirror glass is sanded with an aluminum disc of 80 to 120 grits which makes the mirror non-sharp and safe to handle. The edge finishing in a seamed edge isn’t as smooth as in the beveled or flat polished edges. Seamed edge is a more budget-friendly option if you’re planning to install the mirror inside a frame to hide the edges.

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Where Can Custom Mirrors Be Installed?

Is there a piece of furniture which requires something extra? Or do you have a large wall at your home where you can’t think of adding anything to fill-in? Here a custom mirror installation will work best for you.

Custom Mirrors can be installed in:

NY Glazing Group for Mirror Cutting in NYC


How Would You Like to Install Your Custom Mirror?

When it comes to residential glass installation, there are several ways how you can install custom mirrors on nearby walls. At our mirror shop in NYC, we recommend our clients to choose mirror mastics for mirror installation; however, mirrors can also be installed using clips or j-bars which can provide them additional support.

Mirror Mastics

  • Can seal the mirror permanently with the wall.
  • Best for areas with high humidity levels.

Decorative Clips

  • Best options for custom mirrors with a lightweight option.
  • Require screws and anchors to hold the mirror in place.

J-Bars or L-Bars

  • J-Bars are best for flat polished mirrors.
  • Adds high-end structural support to polished mirrors.
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CALL OUR EXPERTS FOR Custom glass & mirrors in nyc

At NY Glazing Group, we provide quick & responsive teams to provide you with the best quality custom mirrors in all of New York. Our experts hardly take much of your precious time to make a visit. By analyzing your space and requirements, we provide you with a custom mirror that will add exuberance & style to your residential premises. Are you searching for the right glass company to install custom mirrors in NYC?

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