Different Types of Custom Mirrors: Size, Shape and Function

custom mirrors

Mirrors are more than simply beneficial tools for looking at your reflection. They may be excellent design features that provide light, create a feeling of space, and give individuality to a room. When it comes to mirrors in NYC, customization opens options for reflecting your style. 

This guide goes into customized mirrors. You’ll see several types of design and the benefits they may offer to your area. 

By Construction: Framed vs. Frameless

The first customization option is the presence or absence of a frame. Both approaches provide different advantages. 

  • Framed Custom Mirrors 

These traditional beauties provide an extra layer of design. Frames are available in different materials, including wood, metal, and ornamental resin. You may choose a frame that compliments your present furniture or makes a statement piece.

A salvaged wood frame adds a sense of antique beauty. Modern interiors might benefit from sleek metal frames in chrome, nickel, or black. 

  • Frameless Mirrors 

Also called “floating mirrors,” these modern designs have a minimalist look. The lack of a frame helps the mirror to take center stage. It creates a clean and polished appearance. Frameless mirrors are perfect for small spaces because they visually extend the room and provide a sense of lightness. 

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By Shape and Size: Reflecting Your Needs

Beyond the frame, your customized mirror’s form and size influence its functionality and appeal. 

Shaped Mirrors

  • Geometric: Mirrors in square, rectangular, and circular shapes are popular because they are versatile and complement a wide range of designs. 
  • Organic: Oval, arched, or asymmetrical forms provide comfort and appeal, especially in corridors and entryways. 
  • Statement Pieces: Custom-shaped mirrors, like a flower, a sunburst, or any other design that expresses your personality, may start conversations. 

Standard Sizes

  • Bathroom Vanity Mirrors: Usually rectangular and designed to fit nicely over a vanity. 
  • Full-Length Mirrors: Floor-to-ceiling or three-quarter-length mirrors are excellent for bedrooms and dressing rooms. 
  • Accent Mirrors: These come in different forms and sizes. They are ideal for decorating walls or placing over furniture. 

Custom Sizing

One of the benefits of custom mirrors in NYC is the flexibility to adjust the size to your requirements. This is very effective for irregularly shaped walls, overfires, and creating mirrored wall features. 

By Function: Reflecting Your Purpose

Custom mirrors may be used for more than just checking your reflection; they can represent your purpose in unique ways. Mirrored backsplashes, for example, bring beauty and light to kitchens, making them appear more spacious. Mirrored wardrobe doors in bedrooms increase space by making room for outfit checks while freeing up wall space for other purposes.

Mirrored ceilings impact places like home theaters or dance studios by reflecting light and providing the appearance of height. Also, properly placed angled mirrors may increase visibility in corridors and produce intriguing reflections in store locations.

By Glass Type: Beyond Standard Reflection 

While standard mirrors provide a clear reflection, several glass types can give distinct effects: 

  • Antiqued Mirrors 

These mirrors have a faded surface, giving them an antique appeal ideal for farmhouse or traditional design. 

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  • Tinted Mirrors 

Tinted mirrors, which come in different colors, give a subtle pop of color and may be used to set a mood or enhance existing design. 

  • One-Way Mirrors (Two-Way Mirrors) 

While unusual in households, these mirrors allow you to see through one side while reflecting on the other. They are usually used for security purposes. 

Beyond the Mirror: Installation and Finishing Touches 

Custom mirrors in NYC provide several installation options and finishings that extend beyond their purpose. They can be wall-mounted, recessed into walls, or suspended from the ceiling using several hardware choices, with the mirror’s weight determining the most secure installation technique. Their edges can be polished flat or beveled for added details and beauty. In addition, correctly placed lighting fixtures surrounding or behind the mirror can improve its efficiency while creating an outstanding effect. 

With several options, customizing the right mirror allows you to create a piece that expresses your taste and improves your home’s design. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different forms, sizes, and even tinted glass tints. After all, your mirror should be more than a reflection; it should represent your uniqueness and showcase your design concept. 

Bringing Your Mirror Dreams to Life 

If you are a New York City homeowner wishing to bring the magic of customized mirrors into your house, look no further than NY Glazing Group. Our team provides outstanding service, from design consultations to thorough installation. Whether you want a bold, geometric statement piece or a touch of classic elegance with an antique mirror, we have the experience and workmanship to make your idea a reality.  

So, start reflecting on your ideal space today – call NY Glazing Group and let us help you design a customized mirror that will be the centerpiece of your home for years. 

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