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NY GLAZING is a New York company specializing in professionally installing shower glass doors at your residence in New Jersey. We create quality glass products and have been delivering the service of glass fabrication and installation.When it comes to finding the right glass company in New Jersey to install stylish, durable & high-quality glass shower doors, you can always count on NY Glazing for the service.

At NY Glazing, we offer a variety of options for those searching for customizable shower glass. With our experts at work, you don’t have to think twice about meeting quality service.

Call us today on 1-855-694-5294 to get hinged glass bathtub door in NJ.

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Why Are Hinged Shower Doors the Next Big Thing?

Hinged shower doors are becoming more popular because of their ability to conserve water and help keep the bathroom floor dry. These door types are easy to open, even for those suffering with disabilities. Additionally, hinged shower doors provide more security than sliding ones.

The number of homeowners installing hinged shower doors will continue to increase as more people realize the benefits of these doors. Call NY Glazing today and request your  glass to glass hinged shower door in NJ to check out your options and see what you like.

Choosing glass Hinged Shower Doors in new jersey

Hinged shower door systems have multiple designs and styles to choose from. Hinges come in different sizes, and they can be on one or both sides of the door. There are also hinge options based on how many panels the bathroom door contains. You can get a wide variety of styles and sizes for the hinges on your hinged shower doors. These include:


Standard Hinge Style

A standard hinged shower door hinge is the most commonly used style. It is located on one side of the door and consists of an appropriately sized frame and a hinged panel. The frame supports the hinge, while the panel makes it easy to open and close. This style provides a clean look and helps keep the floor dry by making water go down the drain instead of onto it.


Dual Hinge Style

The dual-hinge style has two hinges around both sides of a shower door, usually between two framed panels. This style increases the overall strength of the hinge system and provides more stability for the shower door. It is best for bathroom doors that contain more than four panels or support considerable weight. This style prevents water from leaking onto the bathroom floor and is easy to open even with limited mobility.


Dual Hinge/Sliding Style

The dual-hinge/sliding style combines two hinges and a sliding door panel. This style can provide more stability than other styles, especially if you have a heavier shower door that needs more support.

Thinking of Replacing YOUR SHOWER DOOR?

NY Glazing offers a wide variety of shower door options for New Jersey homeowners, including custom viewing, sliding, and frameless styles. We are your local source for high-quality shower doors, hinges, and repair parts. We have several different hinge systems that we can install into a wide range of shower doors such as hinged frosted glass shower doors, framed hinged glass shower doors, frameless glass hinged doors and double hinged glass shower doors.

We also offer installation services. We will not only supply you with your new hinged shower doors and any replacement parts you may need to repair existing hinge systems, but we will also install them for you at a reasonable price. For more information on our glass hinged door in New Jersey, call us today on 1-855-694-5294.

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I have the most amazing shower, antique mirror and outdoor railing thanks to NY Glazing!!! Thank you!! Through the entire process I spoke with Tom the owner who gave me the most professional, helpful and attentive service I ever got!! He came to measure and discuss the plans more than once and with no cost, delivered the job with no delay or problems what so ever!!!

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Top service. On time. Did a shower glass installation Definitely the job team you need for a perfect price

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