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Get Durable Glass Door Installation in New Jersey

Without a doubt, doors are an important part of your home. A functional door with the right aesthetics adds more value to your home’s architecture. It adds a more inviting view to the customers willing to be a part of your home. Are you of the mind to add that enriching view to your New Jersey homes as well? If so then NY Glazing is here for you. We bring high quality glass fabricated doors which can last for a lifetime. Our doors are designed in such a way that it allows natural light to seamlessly enter your living environment. They not only add an enriching view but also the transparency of the glass adds more beauty to your home setting. The doors we install at your NJ premises are strength induced & offer high end durability. Need strong glass doors installed at your New Jersey homes?

Let’s make your home elegant in style, look and appearance with the sliding glass door installation in NJ.


Select The Right Glass For Your GLASS DOOR INSTALLATION


Frosted Glass

As the name suggests, frosted glass is translucent glass which promotes more privacy. They are easy to maintain and offer a uniform light distribution. If you’re searching for a glass type to add a minimal aesthetic look & appearance, frosted glass is the ultimate option for you. Choosing acid etched frosted design is an economical option and can save you from the troubles of handprints.


Laminated Glass

Want a glass for your doors that adds heightened security? Laminated glass is the way to go. This glass type is highly durable and can offer a satisfactory noise resistance. They are also weather resistant so whether it’s sunny outside or cold, your internal environment will be maintained at room temperature. The durable manufacturing makes them the best for those who are concerned about safety.


Insulated Glass

Insulated glass offers insulation properties which makes them a top notch preference for those who want to keep the internal environment cool. These glass types are UV resistant so they do not degrade when subjected to strong sunlight rays. The temperature resistance abilities isn’t only a strong forte why they are considered the right type, they also offer complete soundproofing.


Tempered Glass

Tempered glass is toughened enough to avoid breakage or shattering. They are made up of a very durable composition of glass materials which make them a good option. These glass types are scratch resistant and are commonly found in many homes and offices these days. If you’re a resident of New Jersey or operating a business here, you can easily find these glasses in retail stores, storefronts, homes, etc.

Need High Quality Interior Glass Doors for Your New Jersey Homes?

Adding a robust and high quality interior door at your New Jersey home can be a real blessing. It is not only an elegant addition, but can also keep your doors safe from getting scratches like you get in wooden counterparts. Are you looking for a reliable service to install these interior glasss doors? If so, then NY Glazing is just the place for you. We have glass storefront doors and glass shower doors which are made up of top quality glass. From tinted glass types to tempered & toughened glass, we have a variety of options when it comes to interior door installation in New Jersey. The right glass type will create the perfect sense of light and space in your existing architecture and will give your home architecture a sleek and clean appeal.

Pick a door that sits well with your particular requirements for glass doors in NJ.

custom glass doors In NJ

hinged single door

Hinged Single Door

Want to install a glass door with a swiveling hinge on one side of the door frame? Hinged doors are great for residential and commercial settings where the door needs to move both ways, inward & outward. They can be used for both interior and exterior use.

French glass door

French Glass Door

A good quality french glass door can add more style & elegance to your existing home or office. They can create beautiful transitions between rooms & spaces, adding natural light. Hire our top glazing experts for replacing glass in french doors in NJ.

bifold doors

Bi-Fold Doors

Bi Fold doors are available in two categories, framed as well as frameless options. In such door types, there are two or more hinged panels which are easily foldable and can move along a sill track. If you need help in replacing patio door glass in NJ, contact us.

pivot doors

Pivot Doors

They have a unique hinge mechanism which is placed vertically inside the door and the surface with which these doors are attached. Unlike traditional door types where hinges are revealed, Pivot doors have hinges above and below the door concealed.

sliding doors

Sliding Doors

A new sliding glass door slides over a track of horizontal rails. They are great for adding in a patio. At NY Glazing, we have a variety of glass types for you to choose from so you can add a solid, sturdy and aesthetically appealing sliding glass door to your room for fresh air.

glass door installation

Stacking Doors

Just like sliding glass doors, stacking doors are doors with two panels which slide behind a single fixed pane. These door types interlock and continue sliding towards the fixed pane. The panels collect and then rest one upon the next as if these door.

Glass Shower Door

Shower Glass Door

If you need glass shower door installation in NJ, contact us. You can find plenty of semi frameless, frameless, framed and corner shower door options at NY Glazing Group. They keep the space clear from unwanted water building up & provide beauty to your bath.

Want the Right Glass Door in New Jersey?

Glass doors are not only a great option to make your interior look appealing. They are also great for the the outdoor environment of your property. If you want to let the world see the interior of your home, getting the right glass door can bring great benefits to the table. At NY Glazing, we provide top of the line exterior glass doors that can add more value to your existing homes. People are more attracted to homes which have a better value and with the right exterior glass door in NJ homes, you get a solution that’s perfect for you. Do you have something specific in mind? Feel free to get in touch with for sliding glass door installation.

Are you searching for commercial glass doors in NJ? Contact our professionals to replace your old door with a brand new door at the right price.



How do you install a glass door?

At NY Glazing, we specialize in the installation of glass doors and can provide you with a quality product that will last for a decade. When it comes to installation, we take a few factors into account, such as the weight of the door and the type of opening. We create the glass door by fabricating glass as per your requirement and then bring it to your place. We then mount the door jamb and then hang the door. We use a template to ensure that the door is level and plumb. Next, we install the threshold and sweep.

Can you provide a glass door with a lock?

Yes, we can provide a glass door with a lock. We have a range of different locks that can be fitted to your door.

What type of glass do you use for your sliding glass door and other door types?

We use different glass types, tempered, laminated, insulated,  and frameless, for our glass doors. We can also use a variety of textures and colors to match your décor.

Can you install glass shower doors?

Yes, we offer different types of glass shower door installation such as hinged shower doors, bathtub sliding doors, and sliding glass shower doors in NJ.

How do you measure the glass door insert?

We use a template to ensure that the glass door insert is the correct size and fits the opening perfectly. For that, we normally inspect the location where you want the door to be installed. After taking the required dimensions and the door type which is best suited for your location, we design a door and send it to you for review.

Is a glass door safe for home?

Yes, glass doors are safe for home. In fact, it is one of the best options for your home as it allows natural light to enter and makes the area look bigger. They also provide an unobstructed view of the outside world.

How long does sliding glass door installation take?

Our sliding glass door installation in NJ can take up to two hours, depending on the size and type of door. We take our time to ensure that the door is installed correctly and is level and plumb.

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